Getting Started

What Lyric Pad Is

Lyric Pad replaces a musicians lyric/chord folder and makes finding lyrics on stage much much easier.

What Lyric Pad Is Not

Lyric Pad will not create the Lyric Files for you and will not be set up instantly. There will be some setup time to get the most out of this application.

Basic Usage

On the main screen press the "Open Lyric" button and then select a lyric file from the displayed list to open.

Device Controls

Most of Lyric Pad's operation is by touch screen events however some of the default device buttons are used:

Paths and Files

When Lyric Pad is first run it will attempt to create some default paths and sample Lyric Files for you in the section of your device defined as external storage. This location can change depending on the device. These are generally:


/sdcard/LyricPad/Lyrics/Sample Lyric File.txt
/sdcard/LyricPad/Lyrics/Silent Night.txt
/sdcard/LyricPad/Lyrics/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.txt

Please refer to the "Lyric Files" section in the help index for more information about Lyric Files


Lyric Pad has heaps of options and there is many ways to set it up. The default settings is the settings I use at my gigs and should suit most users. Try them out.

Registration (Website Download Version Only)

The downloadable website version has the same functionality of Lyric Pad FREE until it is registered. It then has the same functionality as Lyric Pad Full. To register the website version of Lyric Pad please purchase a licence on the website. You will then be supplied a licence code by email which also contains detailed instructions on how to apply the code.


OK, so you have read this page and are lost? Go to the "I Need More Help!" page and we will get it working for you.