How to Create a Debug Log

To create a debug log follow these instructions:

  1. Load Lyric Pad and go to the help screen
  2. Enable the debug toggle button
  3. Exit the help screen and use the Quit button on the main screen to exit Lyric Pad
  4. Start Lyric Pad
  5. Operate Lyric Pad until the event that you would like logged occurs
  6. Close Lyric Pad from the main screen
  7. A debug log should be created in the path "your lyric path"/logs

To disable debug mode redo items 1 to 3 above (except disable the debug toggle button)

I Need More Help!

If you have read through these help documents including the frequently asked questions and cannot find the information you are looking for then all is not lost. There is plenty more support available to get you up and running:

If all else fails feel free to email the developer of Lyric Pad at