Lyric Search

Lyric Pad includes a lyric and chord search system to allow users to search for lyrics and chords. This facility utilises the Microsoft Cognitive Subscription Web Search service to obtain lyrics and chords from publicly accessible web sites. To use this facility you must obtain a Web Search Subscription Key (which is free) to allow you to use this service.

Microsoft Web Search Subscription Key

Please follow the following procedure to obtain and register your key:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Getting Started page -
  2. Click on the orange "Lets Go" button
  3. Log in using your Microsoft Account (If you dont have one then you need to create one at this point)
  4. Scroll down until you find "Web Search - Free" and tick the check box beside it (Note: This may also be "Bing Search - Free")
  5. Tick the checkbox agreeing to the privacy rules and press the subscribe button
  6. You should now see a page that shows your subscriptions. Beside "Web Search - Free" there is two keys listed.
  7. Either key will work. Press the "Show" link to show the code
  8. Open Lyric Pad and go to options / Search System / Bing API Search Key and enter your Subscription Key (It will be 32 characters in length)
  9. Press the "Test Search System" button. The test system will advise of any problems and will confirm if your key is working correctly.

If you are having trouble make sure of the following:

Disclaimer: Neither Lyric Pad nor its programmers claim any responsibility for the use or function of this facility and cannot guarantee uptime or availability of these services. All lyrics and song data are retrieved from public web locations and are not stored or provided by Lyric Pad in any way. Additionally the search facilities provided within Lyric Pad are not considered a core function of Lyric Pad as its primary purpose is to display and automate lyrics which can be added into Lyric Pad through various other means.