Conversion to Lyric Files

Many users when changing to Lyric Pad have their lyric files in word or pdf documents and would wish to convert these for use in Lyric Pad. The content of these files determines whether they are able to be converted or not.

In general, if a document contains an image (eg. from a scanner) instead of editable text then it is unlikely to be able to be converted.

Microsoft Word Documents

You can individually export each of these documents to lyric files from Microsoft Word by doing the following process:

Note: These instructions are for Microsoft Word 2007. Other versions will be similar.

Other Files

Most files that include written text also have a way to highlight and copy that text. With these files simply highlight and copy this text, paste it into a simple txt editor and save

Batch Conversion

There are many applications available that can batch convert Word Documents, pdf files and other formats to txt files. A google search will reveal many options