Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert my existing lyric doc files to the Lyric Pad Lyric File format?

In most cases yes. Please go to the Format Conversion help doc for more information.

When I touch the screen automation starts, even though I have it disabled in my options?

This is correct. If you tap the screen it will start automation and tapping again will pause it.

Will Lyric Pad ever include support for pdf or word doc files?

No it will not. The Word Doc and PDF file formats can include images within the files and Lyric Pad is unable to display images within it's lyric display.

My script events dont seem to pause in the correct location?

This is typically due to long lines of text wrapping on the screen making the displayed text span multiple lines. This throws off the calculation for the scripted events. Try making your lines shorted or use a smaller font to alleviate this issue.

Why not use adds instead of the annoying trial messages in the lyrics on the free version?

The free version is not designed for ongoing use. It is only designed for users to be able to test Lyric Pad out prior to purchase. If you like the app and use it regularly then consider spending the few dollars it costs to buy it. Lets face it, your music stand costs more than Lyric Pad ever will. :)

Lyric Pad cant find song xxxx?

Lyric Pad searches an online database for the data you have requested. If you are entering long data string lengths try entering short data. Sometimes less is more.

The lyrics that Lyric Pad found are not correct?

Lyric Pad has no control over what is in the Lyrdb database. You should contact the staff at Lyrdb for support in this regard.

Please remove my song from Lyric Pads database?

Lyric Pad does not have a database of lyrics. Lyric Pad accesses other online databases for its information.

Lyric Pad does not return a duration for a song?

Lyric Pad gets this information from the musiscbrainz database and its lyrics from the lyrdb database. Sometimes this means that although lyrics are returned there is no match for song details.

Where does Lyric Pad get its lyric and song data from?

Lyric Pad gets its lyrics from a number of online databases and its song information from the musicbrainz database.

When using the Manage Lyrics or Manage SetLists facilities I get an error "An error occurred xxxxxx Lyric File"

The Android operating system has very strict permissions on what 3rd party applications are able to do and this is especially so when it comes to editing file data on the device. Because of this Lyric Pad can only edit data in your device's External Storage. Make sure that your lyric files are stored in your external storage to be able to take advantage of the file management facilities in Lyric Pad. (Note: Some devices have two external storage areas but only one will be considered the usable external storage area by Android)

Lyric Pad returns errors when I tried and edit, create or delete files?

Android is a very strict operating system and will only allow Lyric Pad read / write access in "External Data" areas. These areas are different depending on the particular android device you are using but are generally the "sdcard" areas. It should be noted that on most android devices the "internal storage" is considered to be an sdcard by the file system. The lyric Pad folders will need to be in areas of the file system where read / write access is available to operate correctly.

I cant seem to get my backing track to work?

This generally occurs due to a couple of simple reasons:

It can often be useful to enable debug mode (help screen) which will create and output log files. This log files can tell you exactly where and what backing track file name Lyric Pad is looking for.

When editing my lyric files on a PC my lyrics are in a single line?

Lyric Pad files are saved in UNIX format which is slightly different to windows format text files. The easiest way to edit on a PC is to use a UNIX format text editor such as textpad in lieu of the windows notepad.

My chords dont line up with the lyrics in Lyric Pad?

For characters to line up correctly you should be viewing your lyrics using a monospaced font. This is a font where every character has the smae width allowing you to line up the text correctly.

My chords line up with lyrics in xxxxx program but when I open the file in Lyric Pad they do not?

Make sure that you are using a monospaced font in xxxx program (such as Courier). This way everythign will line up correctly when it is viewed with a monospaced font in Lyric Pad. Otherwise every character will have a different width and will be very difficult to line up.