About Lyric Pad

Musicians often carry large folders of song words and chord charts to gigs for reference. It can be difficult to find the correct song quickly and also can be very time consuming to keep a song folder ordered and up to date. Lyric Pad has been designed to be a reference tool to replace the Lyric Folders of musicians (and drummers - sorry couldn't resist a drummer joke) and has many options so the user can customize the system to their specific purpose.

Lyric Pad was designed and written by Daniel Neilsen originally for his own personal use at gigs but has since grown in scope to the highly customizable application that exists today.

The Free and Full Versions

The Free version is a demonstration version of Lyric Pad only and some of the features have been limited. It has been designed to be an example of what Lyric Pad has to offer only and is not designed for ongoing use.

Feature Lyric Pad Free Lyric Pad Full
Number of Songs 5 Only Unlimited
Set Lists No Yes
Advertising in Lyric Display Yes No
Lyric Search No Yes

The Downloadable Website Versions

The downloadable website version has the same functionality as Lyric Pad Free until it is registered. Once it is registered it has the same functionality as Lyric Pad Full. It is registered by entering a licence code on the help screen.

The website version is now depreciated and no longer sold


Lyric Pads Development Team would like to thank musicbrainz for their amazing online databases for song information. We would also like to thank all of the testers who donated their time to make Lyric Pad what it is today.