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Feature Complete
Thursday, 24 April 2014 02:08
Version 2.37 has been released today which mainly fixes a couple of minor bugs and updates some of the search facility templates.  Development on Lyric Pad 2 has actively stopped and it is now considered Feature Complete.  Lyric Pad 3 development has started and is progressing well and the design has a high focus on ease of use for the user.
Device Incompatible Issue
Saturday, 01 June 2013 23:40
If you are a Lyric Pad user that has purchased on Google Play and tried to update to version 2.28 (on a tablet) you would have noticed a message saying that Lyric Pad was incompatible with your device.  This was caused by a change in Google's backend detection code which determined that if an android application's manifest did not specifically state that it supported x-large screens that it must be incompatible.  Although this sounds like it would be a simple change to fix unfortunately in Android 2.2 it was not possible to state this as this code only became available in android 2.3.1 and above.  
As Google has provided no eta when this issue would be corrected I have had to change Lyric Pad's requirements  to Android 2.3.1 for both Lyric Pad Full and Lyric Pad FREE.
If you are one of the few users that used Lyric Pad on an Android 2.2 device please email me directly and I will provide you with a Lyric Pad Website licence that still utilises Android 2.2
Version 2.29 has been uploaded and should be available on Google Play within a few hours.  (The website version is available now)
Very sorry for the inconvenience.
New Lyric Editor Added
Thursday, 17 January 2013 05:07

Version 2.22 sees a new Lyric File Editor added to Lyric Pad.  This includes such features as wizard based script editing and the ability to key change all of the chords in a song.

Searching Improved
Thursday, 30 May 2013 02:51
Lyric Pads search facility has been great for searching for Lyrics but new features have been added in version 2.28 to allow users to search for both chords and lyrics.  How handy is this for the jam room when someone suggest a song?  Grab it now!
New Lyric Search
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 04:24

Version 2.21 sees the complete replacement of the Lyric Search functionality within Lyric Pad.

Lyric Pad now utilises BING, Google and Lyrdb to undertake searches for lyric data.  This data is then displayed to the user in a list and when the user selects an item those lyrics are downloaded and displayed in a preview screen.  If the user decides that the download lyrics are not suitable there is no need to save them to the device and the user can return to the list without having to search again.

As both BING and Google limit the number of free searches that any application can do I have had to remove the Lyric Search facilities from the FREE version of Lyric Pad and this facility will now only be available to users who have purchased Lyric Pad.  Also some of this new code has required some features that only were added to Android from version 2.2 upwards so I have had to increase this minimum requirement.  This means that users with a device operating on Android 2.1 will not be able to utilise this or future updates.


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Just get it! As a performer with a wide repertoire, this app meets all my needs. It searches, it organizes, and you can even edit, within the app. It is continuously updated, and the dev will respond to problems and suggestions. This app does what you need it to do. UPDATE: After a few updates and many improvements to this app, I have never regretted my purchase

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