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The website version of Lyric Pad is no longer available for purchase.  This means that Lyric Pad can only be purchased on devices that have the google play app installed.  The website version is still available for download for users that previously purchased licences for this version however it is now no longer possible to generate new registration codes for the system.

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Since starting the lyric pad project I have become used to the fact that most users will not read the manual on how to use this application.  I have also become used to the fact that on a daily basis I will have to answer the same couple of questions a dozen times even though the answers are clearly written in the manual, faq, forums, website and Facebook page lots of times.

What I will never get used to is the people that send me nasty complaint emails because they have (apparently) spent hours trying to get a particular feature in lyric pad to work and failed.  Of course after attending all this time they didn't think to read the manual? Or the forums?  No of course not.

So to all of those people out there.

If you cannot be bothered to read the manual which has all of the answers in it, please don't be offended if I cannot be bothered to hand feed you.  I prefer to help those that have a REAL support request.

(Yes, I am taking about the search system.  If you have not read the manual do not expect a response)

Welcome to the Lyric Pad website.

Lyric Pad is an Android application that allows musicians to use their android tablet to replace bulky folders full of lyric and chord charts.


Our website and licencing system has moved over the last couple of days.

We are still in the process of updating our website and getting all of our systems back online so please bear with us.





Worth 10 times the price, for pop musicians I play guitar/piano and sing professionally and used to carry around heavy binders. Keeping the binders organized was a hassle, shuffling the pages to match a setlist. I always kept electronic copies, but my notes were always on the paper version. Pages often flapped around (or flew away). I had to carry a special fragile light to see the printouts. I had to tape sheets since I had no one to turn pages for me. Lyricpad changed all that. I copied all my lyric files to my tablet, pointed this to the directory, and I was DONE. As I used it, I learned to set up setlists, and it has made gigging a breeze. I now carry 600 songs with me at all times - in my key, with my notes!! The best feature of all is the auto-scroll feature. It just works. After an (adjustable) pause, the display scrolls smoothly upward. Plus: it searches for lyrics, has a reversible display for bright sunny days, can display by artist & genre, and more. The developer is a working musician and adds features that make sense to other musicians. I have recommended this software to quite a few others and everyone loves it. I also recommend a sync utility called FolderSync to handle easily editing songs on the PC
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